Precisely the right idea for food safety.

When it comes to commercial customers’ expectations for precise, reliable temperature control, Traulsen changed the game. Traulsen was the first company to introduce a digital microcontroller for exact temperature setting, readouts and alerts. Traulsen was also the first company to release a visual interface for blast chilling that takes the challenges out of required user inputs.

There’s simply no substitute for the peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can to keep your food at safe temperatures.



The smart control allows for precise temperature control, hot or cold, significantly reducing the chance for bacteria growth and the risk of food-borne illness. It also helps ensure better food quality, higher yield and reduced waste.

Traulsen’s smart controls offer advanced technology that is refreshingly easy to use. You can check the exact temperature you set—in either Fahrenheit or Celsius—via the Traulsen display. The control monitors and detects high and low cabinet temperature, door openings, condenser performance, power loss and many other operational factors. If there’s ever a problem, you’re automatically alerted—visually, audibly or both. The Smart Control offers your kitchen unmatched efficiency, precision and confidence, coupled with foolproof, safe operation.


Epicon Blast Chilling Temperature Control

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