Technology & Testing Labs

Equipment on the cutting edge – and equipment you can trust.

Traulsen is well known for continuously developing new products, technologies and innovations to meet customer needs—and to meet our own high standards for top quality. The Traulsen Technology and Testing Lab is the center of our research and development efforts.

Our in-house lab is how we make sure we are developing what customers are asking for—equipment that is tougher, smarter, easier, more efficient and more reliable. The labs include multiple test chambers with capabilities to evaluate equipment and controls across a wide range of air temperatures, humidity levels and airflow rates. Traulsen also has automatic door-opening equipment to simulate the harsh environment of real working kitchens.

Every piece of equipment we introduce is tested to meet the food service industry’s most stringent standards for performance and food safety. Then they’re tested to even tougher standards: our own.


Quality Assurance Testing


Traulsen testing labs are UL, ETL, and NSF-certified, meeting all standards for foodservice equipment testing. We also use our labs for our own advanced level of quality assurance testing.


New Technology


Traulsen delivers innovations in more than one form. Whether it’s new electronic systems for more precise and simple temperature controls, or writing special programming for unique customer applications–our engineers are hard at work designing the latest and greatest equipment.