Easy to clean, long-lasting, and chemical resistant.

Traulsen’s EZ-Clean Gaskets facilitate cleaning and promote sanitization in kitchen operations. These gaskets feature a proprietary one-fold design that makes it easy to find and eliminate dirt, unlike traditional PVC gaskets which contain multiple folds and creases. 

The chemical-resistant material makes them safe to clean with chloride-based sanitizers without risking damage to the gasket, promoting sanitation efforts. In certified lab testing, the EZ Clean gasket lasted up to 4X longer than PVC, allowing operators the benefit of less frequent replacement, saving money in the long run. The combination of the simplified design and durable material makes the cleaning process easy and prolongs gasket lifespan.


Key Benefits:

  • Promote Sanitation

  • Longer Lifespan

  • Durable Material

  • Operator Cost Savings




Brochures, Spec Sheets & Additional Resources

Traulsen EZ-Clean Gasket Sell Sheet