Hot Food Holding Cabinets

Airflow is the secret to great-tasting hot food.

Digital microprocessor for precise temperature control

Heating system distributes hot air evenly and effectively throughout the cabinet

ENERGY STAR® qualified; can reduce your energy costs

Utilizing a wide temperature range, Traulsen’s Hot Food Holding Cabinets will consistently keep your food warm until it’s ready to serve.

The key to consistent temperature control is airflow. Many cabinets let out heaps of hot air every time they’re opened, making it difficult for them to recover the desired temperature. Our cabinets feature a long, side-mounted and S-shaped heating element that promotes hot air moving top to bottom to top again—ensuring a consistent temperature throughout.


Know Your Temperature

It’s important to know your cabinet is keeping your food – all your food – at the temperature you expect.

With a purposeful airflow system and digital microprocessor control, you can set your temperature and walk away with confidence.

Easy Operation

The most effective cabinet is one that your kitchen staff knows how to use, which is why we’ve taken time to find the most intuitive configuration.

Push the ON/OFF button to start your unit and it will automatically heat to its last operator setting. You’ll also have access to the same convenient monitoring and communication features as in our refrigerators and freezers.


Keeping Your Foods Hot and Fresh

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Model Comparison

Series R Series A Series G Series
Interior Stainless Steel Anodized Aluminum Anodized Aluminum
Exterior Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel (Front, Doors), Anodized Aluminum (Sides)

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